Next Steps for Maltego

The All-In-One Cyber Investigation Platform to Make Your Work Easier and Faster

Bring Data to Life with Time & Space

Map and visualize data relationships across new contexts including timeline, geolocation, and more.

Collaborative Workspace Across Browsers and Devices

Browser-based investigative tools and collaboration platforms to facilitate file sharing, collective analysis, and mobile investigations on the go.

Automated Workflows and Seamless Data Integration

Built to become a core part of your existing workflows and amplify your playbooks, easily connecting all relevant third-party data with your own data securely and at scale.

Intuitive Features for Every Investigator

Enable your investigators to easily automate and conduct one-click investigations as well as advanced complex analysis with diverse data sources.

Coming Next for Maltego

Time & Space

Map connections between data points, chronological timeline, and geographical locations.

User Management

Easily and centrally manage access, credentials, and billing information

Web-based Link Analysis

Work collaboratively with your team on browser-based data graphs across devices.

Cloud-based Case Management

Simple and streamlined file sharing designed for small teams and large organizations

Already Helping Investigators Work Better

Maltego Data

Because you need all the pieces of the puzzles to solve your case: Trusted, convenient single access to an ever-increasing collection of relevant data from high-quality data providers.

Maltego Search

The web-based, mobile-friendly tool that enables you to conduct one-click investigations in under 10 seconds on the go. Built for non-technical users and able to query all essential data for various use cases.
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Maltego Academy

Your all-in-one learning platform for Maltego and cyber investigations. Maltego Academy will show you how to use Maltego to establish relevance from complex data connections and bring critical OSINT investigations to actionable results.
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