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Accelerating complex cyber investigations from hours to minutes for large cyber threat intelligence teams and law enforcement.

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Power preliminary and advanced  investigations for specialized cases

Conduct complex link analysis to uncover connections in large datasets and map evidence to chronological timelines and geographical locations.

Run simple searches for quick OSINT investigations and create person of interest profiles in the browser and across devices. 

Leverage  Social Media Intelligence for Prosecution
and Public Safety

Intuitive, court-ready social media evidence collection, preservation, and cross-network data validation of text and visual intelligence, all done with built-in sock puppet infrastructure for operational security.

Real-time monitoring and  AI-powered sentiment analysis of potential and ongoing public safety disruptions and crises leveraging large-scale, automatic OSINT aggregation from social media, news sources, and online blogs.

Ensure Smooth Collaboration and Administrative  Excellence

Cloud-based storage for clear documentation of investigation progress and collaboration.

Maltego Admin

Audit and analyze your organization’s Maltego usage, billing, and access authorization.

Mine, merge, and map all essential intelligence in one place to track down criminals online within minutes.

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All Data At Your Fingertips

Equip your team of investigators with the most essential and relevant data for your use cases at all times.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Out-of-the-box access to household CTI feeds

Customizable SIEM and TIP connectors
to streamline your CTI workflow

More than100 ready-made connectors for
OSINT and your external data sources


Out-of-the-box access to unmatched intelligence from:
· More than 200 social media  platforms
· Over 1BN online identities
· Over 1TB breached data
· Over 1BN of website records from Whois database
Built-in capability to collect, preserve, and monitor social media intelligence from: 

More than 100 ready-made connectors for OSINT and your external data sources!

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Absolutely Essential
“Maltego is the first tool I would install on any analyst’s laptop and the first I open any time I’m starting a new investigation. From the ability to access many different data sources to the advanced visualizations, it is an absolutely essential part of modern investigations.”
Robert McArdle
A Complete Link Analysis Software
Maltego is a complete link analysis tool for investigators with an insane amount of entities with features like collaboration, and importing entities which makes life everyday life easier for investigators. It can display 40 pages of information into a single-page graph with such clarification that everything can be understood even by a beginner.
Ebenezer J.
Research Analyst at ProArch
Speeding up investigations
“Maltego's strength lies in its capability to visualize relationships among Entities. Ultimately, Maltego enables us to quickly obtain information about the subject from the surface web and the deep and dark web.”
Ukranian Cyber Police
A Perfect Tool for your Social Intelligence
Maltego has an ability to map certain social media platform information and collate to create intelligence out to details such as email Id, phone number etc.
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Anonymous User
Enterprise Employee
Maltego is Beyond any OSINT Tool
Maltego visualizes data through transforms which has changed the way we understand data in the OSINT community.
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Ankit Satsangi
Global Advisory Board Member
at EC-Council
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC
Martin Luther
Product Designer at Uber.INC

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Work with our custom engineering consultants for specialized Maltego deployment to suit your organization's investigative and compliance needs.

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