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Accelerate cyber threat intelligence investigations from hours to minutes.

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Data Connection at One Glance

Intuitive data visualization that enables investigators to spot hidden connections, clusters, and patterns within minutes.

All-in-One Data Access

One-click integration and access to multiple data sources most relevant to your CTI investigations.

Zero in on Critical Digital Evidence

Quickly center your investigation around key intelligence with clear data lineage to show result confidence and relevance.

Seamless Access to Essential Data Sources

Support Multiple SOC Workflows within Minutes

Infrastructure Footprinting

Accelerate network footprinting with historical and live infrastructure data by automating many steps at once.

Threat Intelligence

Search threat actors, TTPs, and malware from the most common threat intelligence feeds and the deep and dark web.

Domain Intelligence

Gain deep intelligence on domains, websites, threat actor infrastructure,  abuse scores, Whois records, and more.

Intelligence Collection

Investigate and expand the scope of suspicious activities by drawing data from threat intelligence feeds and finished intelligence, focusing on alerts and IOCs.

Get all essential intelligence in one place to track down criminals online within minutes.

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What Our Customers Say

“Maltego is the first tool I would install on any researcher’s laptop, and the first I open any time I’m starting a new investigation. From the ability to access many different data sources through one tool, to the advanced visualization features, it is an absolutely essential part of modern cybercrime research.”
Robert McArdle
Trend Micro
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Custom Engineering Service for Tailored Deployment

Personalized scoping conversations and development of custom integration requirements to meet all your security and technical needs.

Tailored Training to Upskill Your Team

Exclusive access to enterprise-grade on-demand courses, masterclasses with industry experts, and personalized sessions with our training specialists. All on Spark Premium Learning, where thousands of investigators upskill together.

Even More Capabilities to Come

Time & Space

Map connections between data points, chronological timeline, and geographical locations.

Centralized User Management

Easily and centrally manage access, credentials, and billing information.

Browser-based Link Analysis

Work collaboratively with your team on browser-based data graph viewers across devices.

Cloud-based Case Management

Simple and streamlined file sharing designed for small teams and large organizations.

Dig into what your adversaries don’t want you to find out within minutes.

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