All the right data needed for criminal and OSINT investigations.

Maltego Data Pass: Person of Interest

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Equip your investigators with the right data

The most comprehensive publicly available data for person of interest investigations through a single subscription. Easier to handle than buying separate API keys, and always relevant.

"We used to buy access to three different data integrations and had to manage the budget and billing separately. Now, we have one Data Pass subscription and we get even more data."

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Undisclosed Law Enforcement Unit

All Data At Your Fingertips

Over 1 BN Online Identitiy Data

Connect anonymous data like phone numbers, email addresses, and aliases to real identities.

200+ Million Company Records

Search from major corporate registries for ownerships and affiliations.

200+ Social Media Platforms

Search and profile social media activities across mainstream and niche social networks.

And many more!

Any OSINT data that supports your person of interest investigations.

Over 1 TB Breached Data

Search publicly available breached data and dark web intelligence for information like passwords.

Central access to data you need

Equip your team with the essential intelligence to track down criminals online. All in one place, and within your budget and needs.

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FLEXIBLE subscription

Monthly credit-based subscriptions tailored to your usage and budget. Suitable for individual users and larger teams.

All data in one place

Access to multiple data sources for the most relevant, up-to-date intelligence to support various investigative approaches.


Say goodbye to managing API and license keys. Install and access all the data with one click in Maltego.

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What is Maltego Data Pass?

Maltego Data Pass is a credit-based subscription that provides you with access to all the data relevant for specific investigations. Through one subscription, you and your team can access multiple data types from a large and growing network of trusted data vendors. This removes the hurdle for you and your team to select and purchase access to different data providers, and ensures that you always have the most relevant data at hand.

How do I purchase a Maltego Data Pass subscription? Can I get a trial first?

The Maltego Data Pass: Person of Interest subscription is available to purchase for vetted Maltego customers. We also offer a Maltego Data Pass trial to vetted Maltego customers. If you are interested in trying out or purchasing the Maltego Data Pass, please fill in the contact form above to get in touch with our team.

Do I need a Maltego license to purchase or use the Maltego Data Pass?

You can access and query the data provided via the Maltego Data Pass in your Maltego Desktop Client or in OSINT Profiler. You need to be a vetted Maltego customer in order to purchase a Maltego Data Pass subscription. If you are interested in purchasing the Data Pass, please fill in the contact form above to get in touch with our team.

How much does a Maltego Data Pass subscription cost?

We offer subscriptions of different data query allowances and costs to cater to investigators and teams with different level of usage and needs. You will be able to purchase subscriptions based on how many data queries you need and the budget you have. If you are interested in purchasing the Data Pass, please fill in the contact form above to get in touch with our team.

Why is it easier to access data via the Maltego Data Pass for Person of Interest?

The Maltego Data Pass for Person of Interest allows unified access to a variety of data: Personal identifiers, social media data, breached data, company data, and more. We ensure that the data included is always relevant, up-to-date, and from trusted OSINT and third-party data sources. As the investigators, you no longer need to worry about sourcing, selecting, purchasing, and managing data access from multiple data sources.

Where does the data come from? Does Maltego own the data?

The data is made available through Maltego's existing Transform Hub integrations with trusted OSINT and third-party data sources. Maltego does not own, alter, or process the data being queried and retrieved.

If you would like to learn about the detailed data lineage of the Maltego Data Pass, please fill out the contact form above to get in touch with our team.

The Data Pass includes data that I'm not familiar with. What do I do?

Each purchase of the Maltego Data Pass comes with free access to our on-demand course on the Spark Learning platform, tailored to using the Maltego Data Pass in person of interest investigations. The course walks you through the types of data and Transforms included in the Maltego Data Pass by demonstrating real-life use cases in Maltego.

If you are an Enterprise customer of Maltego, you also have the option to book live trainings delivered by Maltego experts. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or Account Manager for more information.

Are there Maltego Data Passes for other types of investigations?

Yes, the Maltego Data Pass provides seamless access to data for different use cases, including person of interest, cryptocurrency, darkweb, and more. If you are already a Maltego Data Pass user, simply install the Maltego Data Pass for the other available use cases and use your existing data credits to run the Transforms. If you would like to purchase a Maltego Data Pass subscription, please reach out to your Maltego contact or fill out the contact form above.