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What is Maltego Search?

Conduct OSINT Investigations on the Go

A quick check at the crime scene? Online search in the office? The web-based, mobile-friendly Maltego Search gets relevant data in under 10 seconds wherever you are.

All the Data You Need in One Place

Access data from social media, dark web, breached database, and identity databases directly from the web without compromising operational security. No more VPNs or sock puppets. No additional software to download. No API keys are required.

The Maltego Search checks:

190 Social Media Platforms - From mainstream like Facebook to niche like VK and OKCupid
1 TB of Breached Data - Including data going back to before 2010
1 BN Online Identities - Gathered from publicly available sources, such as public registers, corporate databases, and public breaches.

Easy to use

Supporting English, German, and Spanish, Maltego Search is built to empower every investigator with automated, one-click investigations.
Empower and save time for your team with the right tool.

Native Maltego Integration

Combine the agility of Maltego Search with all the power of Maltego by exporting your graphs and importing them into your Maltego Desktop Client.

Be 12x faster at OSINT Investigations

Generate full profiles of your suspects within minutes. The Maltego Search provides the essential tooling and data for everything ranging from preliminary criminal investigations to extensive person of interest profiling.

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Start your search with simple information like phone numbers, email addresses, social media aliases, or names.


Bookmark interesting results and quickly center your investigation around them with clear data lineage to show result confidence and relevance.


Download the results as a Maltego graph for further investigations or export your findings in a comprehensive PDF report.

Elevate your team efficiency with Maltego

Maltego simplifies and expedites your investigations. Get access to our demo to see how we can help your business.


What is Maltego Search?

Developed by Maltego, Maltego Search is a browser-based investigation tool that allows users to conduct automated OSINT investigations with one click. OSINT Profiler automatically searches across social media, the deep and dark web, identity and company databases, and other integrated data sources for data relevant to the input information.

What information can I use to start an Maltego Search investigation?

You can use a number of input information to start an Maltego Search investigation: Name, alias, email addresses, phone numbers, and more.

Does the Maltego Search store data?

All search results are stored in your browser. This implies that if you switch devices or browsers, you will not see any previous search results. Future versions of Maltego Search will allow users to synchronize results across different devices and browsers using end-to-end encryption.

Where are my results stored?

All search results are stored in your browser. Maltego neither keeps a record of what you were searching, nor of what you found. This implies that if you switch devices or browsers, you will not see any previous searches. Future versions will allow you to synchronize results across devices and browsers using end-to-end encryption.

How do I know if the results are legitimate?

Each Maltego Search result comes with a clear data lineage, which describes how the original search input leads to the particular result, including the types of data queried and the data sources. If the same data connection is made via multiple data sources, multiple data lineages will be presented to indicate relevance.

What features do you have planned in the future?

PDF Reports: Download your investigation results as a PDF for reporting and sharing.
Different Investigation Scenarios: OSINT Profiler is currently designed for criminal investigations. We want to add capabilities for adjacent scenarios such as blockchain investigations and deeper social media investigations.
Cold Case Monitoring: Don’t find anything on a suspect today? Keep an eye out for future opportunities. Automatically re-run searches periodically and get notified when new search results become available.