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OSINT Package

Conduct criminal investigations in under 10 seconds. Anywhere you go.

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Intuitive for Every Investigator

Easily automate and enhance preliminary criminal investigations with extensive person of interest profiling with advanced link analysis.

All Data in One Place

One-click integration and access to multiple data sources most relevant to your OSINT investigations.

Zero in on Critical Digital Evidence

Quickly center your investigation around key digital information with clear data lineage to show result confidence and relevance.

Get results in seconds what usually would take days!

The world’s most used cyber investigation tool for experts to conduct complex OSINT investigations.

Maltego Desktop Client

The world’s most used cyber investigation tool for experts to conduct complex OSINT investigations.

OSINT Profiler

The web-based, mobile-friendly tool that enables you to conduct one-click investigations in under 10 seconds on the go. Built for non-technical users and able to query all essential data for various use cases.
Maltego Profiler

Maltego Data Pass

Because you need all the pieces of the puzzles to solve your case: Trusted, convenient single access to an ever-increasing collection of relevant data from high-quality data providers.

Includes Data Pass: Person of Interest

Access to Over 1 BN Online Identitiy Data

Connect anonymous data like phone numbers, email addresses, and aliases to real identities.

Access to 200+ Million Company Records

Search from major corporate registries for ownerships and affiliations.

Access to 200+ Social Media Platforms

Search and profile social media activities across mainstream and niche social networks.

And many more!

Any OSINT data that supports your person of interest investigations.

Access to Over 1 TB Breached Data

Search publicly available breached data and dark web intelligence for information like passwords.

What Our Customers Say

“Before Maltego, we were only able to manually look into Facebook and Google suspects.
With Maltego, we are generating full profiles of our suspects within minutes. What used to take months to solve is now a matter of days. It is a game changer for our OSINT investigations.”
Criminal Detective
EU Law Enforcement
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Tailored Training to Upskill Your Team

The OSINT Package includes access to enterprise-grade on-demand courses, OSINT masterclasses with industry experts, and personalized sessions with our training specialists. All on Spark Premium Learning, where thousands of investigators upskill together.

Even More Capabilities to Come

Time & Space

Map connections between data points, chronological timeline, and geographical locations.

Centralized User Management

Easily and centrally manage access, credentials, and billing information.

Browser-based Link Analysis

Work collaboratively with your team on browser-based data graph viewers across devices.

Cloud-based Case Management

Simple and streamlined file sharing designed for small teams and large organizations.

Get all essential intelligence at one place to track down criminals online within minutes.

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